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Lil' Okie Fishing Lures

Lil' Okie Fishing Lures by Lead Babies Slabs

Our 1 1/2 oz. Lil’ Okie is a classic fishing lure for bass and an old stand by for the lake fisherman. It has been a favorite of fishermen for many years. Because of its thin design, the Lil’ Okie has a fast free fall in the water, getting the fish’s attention and causing the fish to chase or check it out. It’s one of the best bass lures for the novice slab lures fisherman.

All our fishing lures are hand-made and hand painted. We use only Eagle Claw Hooks and all Chartreuse Lures glow in the dark. Any of our fishing lures can be made in the Texoma Special color combination of white/chartreuse by special order. $4.25 each.

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